Aug 22 2020
George Frandsen - 10 Fascinating Fossilized Poo Fa...

George Frandsen - 10 Fascinating Fossilized Poo Fa...

Presented by Orlando Science Center at Orlando Science Center

Coprolites (fossilized poop) are trace fossils that tell fascinating tales of prehistoric diets, behaviors, and environments. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and have been found on every continent in the world.  Since their discovery and identification in the 1820’s, coprolites have been joked about, incorporated into paleo-art scenes, scientifically studied, used as fertilizer, and even made into munitions for WW1.

Join Poozeum founder and Guinness World Record holder, George Frandsen, as we explore the world’s most incredible coprolites ever discovered, including the largest Tyrannosaurus rex poop on record. Coprolites will be on display to see, touch, and even smell… If you dare!

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This event is included with general admission, which is free to Orlando Science Center Members, $21 for adults, $19 for seniors and students, $15 for children ages 3–11.

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2020/08/22 - 2020/08/22

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Orlando Science Center

777 East Princeton Street, Orlando, FL 32803