Submission Guidelines

These instructions are for cultural organizations posting programs. For instructions for teachers on how to book a program, go to BOOKING.


To Post Family-Friendly Events

Family-friendly events (non-school related) are posted on Be sure to check the "Age Specific > Kids-Friendly" category, and your family-friendly event will display on AND Submit a Listing.


To Post Out-Of- School Classes and Workshops

Classes and workshops (non-school related) are posted on Be sure to check the "Age Specific > Kids-Friendly" category, and your program will display on AND Submit a Listing.


To Post Arts Education for School Classes

Eligibility: Arts education programs for preK-12 that are designed for a school class or assembly, whether the program occurs at a school or at another venue (field trip). Programs may also be able to travel to libraries, community centers, etc. Only cultural non-profit organizations can post, or individual teaching artists that have gone through an approved certification program. Exceptions may be made if an organization offers a unique, quality cultural product that no regional nonprofit offers; subject to approval by United Arts.

How to Post: Click “create account” in the upper right corner. (This will be a different account than your organization’s login for OrlandoAtPlay.) Click the education tab; enter information about your organization (“Educator”). Click “submit new program” to enter information about your program, and repeat as necessary for each program.



  • Location: Programs must be available in one or more of the seven counties of Central Florida (Brevard, Lake, Orange, Osceola, Polk, Seminole and Volusia). If programs are restricted to a geographic area, the listing must specify.
  • Background Check & Insurance Requirements:
    • Some school systems require all individuals entering a school to be fingerprinted/background checked; some have exceptions for assembly performers that are always escorted by teachers. Know the rules and be prepared. For example: Orange County Public Schools requires in-school presenters to submit an ADDitions application (step one) and then select the school where the program will occur (step two, using the Search Opportunities tab at the top of the screen), at least a few days before the event occurs.
    • Postings on will also require a Lunsford Act Compliance Form, containing a list of full names of all staff, artists and volunteers who interact with children, which must be checked against the online sexual predator database, and must be updated throughout the year.
    • All posting organizations must have $1M commercial general liability insurance (United Arts must be additionally insured), $1M auto liability insurance, Worker’s Compensation (if required by law), and Employee Dishonesty ($10K, or $50K for organizations with total revenue over $900K). United Arts must also be certificate holder.
  • Lesson Plans:
    • All programs must include pre- and/or post- lesson plans so that teachers can prepare the students for the experience and help them reflect afterwards.
    • Any programs serving a wide range of grades must explain how they will differentiate instruction for different grade levels.
  • Images: A single image may be uploaded along with your event listing. Images must be high resolution in the .JPG format ONLY and sized in the 800-1000 pixel range. Depending on the size of your image and connection speed to the Internet, the upload process may take up to several minutes - please be patient. Once received, your image will be formatted for display.
  • Video: Our event submission form accepts video "embed" code and URL links as provided by websites like and
  • We reserve the right to edit or remove graphic images, change the program category, and edit text submissions for grammar, style, and accuracy. Questions? Email:
  • The organization or individual submitting a program is responsible for the accuracy of the entry and is fully responsible for alerting in regards to any updates and/or changes to the program as soon as possible.
  • reserves the right to use any photography posted on the site for promotional and publicity purposes and assumes that proper photo release information was gathered from the organization/venue prior to the image being posted.

Note: All program submissions need to be reviewed and edited, as needed, by our staff. Please allow 2-3 business days for your program to post.


  • Scheduling:
    • Start reservations early – in the previous spring if possible.
    • For activities funded through United Arts, programs must occur during the school day. We recommend this for non-funded activities as well since all schools charge an automatic rental fee for after-school productions.
    • Refer to calendars on school system websites (including Take Me to the Show button on OCPS’s home page), and statewide testing calendars. Much of Jan‐Apr is blacked out for test prep, and in late May buses may be grounded. Try to leave yourself a make‐up period in May, in case some schools cancel. For Orange County Public Schools, focus on middle and high school grades in the fall wherever possible; grades 2‐5 are busy with the Young People’s Concerts and Intro to Ballet (dates vary Sept‐Nov).
    • Forward your brochure to for sending to Orange County Public Schools.
  • Lesson plans (pre‐ and/or post‐):
    • Suggested length is 3 pages or less, for an hour long lesson. It’s also great to provide three 10‐minute activities that teachers can use to prepare students the week before.
    • Consider hiring local teacher(s) to write or review your lesson plans.
    • Consult school system websites (often under “Curriculum”) for current vocabulary and concepts. Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy, Feldman’s Model of Criticism, Big Ideas in the Arts (replacing 21st Century Skills), and Webb's Depth of Knowledge are a few examples. OCPS also posts the Order of Instruction, which summarizes what will be covered in each 9 weeks.
    • Send lesson plans in TWO emails (immediately after booking, and the week before the event) to THREE contacts (Curriculum Resource Teacher, arts specialist, and classroom teacher).

Contact for more information: Matthew Kopkin, Grants and Arts Education Coordinator, 407.628.0333 x 228 or

To Become a Vendor for Arts and Culture Access Funding

Eligibility: Open only to nonprofit 501(c)3 organizations with a primary arts/cultural mission, based in Lake, Orange, Osceola and/or Seminole counties, and having completed one year or more of operation. Exceptions may be made if an organization offers a unique, quality cultural product that no regional nonprofit offers; subject to approval by United Arts. Must be in good standing with the Florida Division of Corporations and the IRS, as well as United Arts grant reporting. Programs must be available in Lake, Orange, Osceola and/or Seminole counties. Must have education staff. Must provide lesson plans based on current standards (Florida Standards for ELA/Math; Next Generation Sunshine State Standards for other content areas). In all cases, final eligibility decisions are made by United Arts staff. All organizations, including those that are not current grantees of United Arts, must keep insurance certificates up to date.

Applications for this program will be accepted each summer via United Arts’ online application software. You must enter your programs on in advance. All organizations that have programs posted on will be notified of the funding opportunity. Program changes mid-year on may not apply to funded programs for that school year.

The average discount for funded programs is 15%. Include the regular price on, and the discount will be specified in the United Arts application.

Important Dates

  • 5pm Thurs June 6, 2019: for returning vendors, deadline for major program changes for next school year on your pages, plus the online vendor application. (New applicants may apply anytime year-round. However, most funding is allocated in the summer, so applying by June 5 is recommended.)
  • 5pm Thurs Aug 1, 2019: deadline for updated lesson plans and Lunsford Forms.
  • Oct 4: Usual funding notification. New funding opportunities may arise in fall, spring or summer. Funding, if received, will be designated to specific programs, counties, grade levels, etc. No services should occur before approval of Lunsford Forms, which list the staff/volunteers who will interact with students.


  • If you start reservations before funding notification, let teachers know it is “contingent on funding.”
  • All programs must happen during the school day. No charter schools, private schools, or pre-K classes are eligible. Assemblies that serve preK must include other grades to be funded.
  • It is each education provider’s responsibility to contact teachers and arrange all program details. But if you encounter persistent problems, let us know as soon as possible so we can help. If you do not expect to be able to use all of your allocated funding for the school year, notify United Arts by or before March 1, so funding can be moved to another group. This may result in a lower funding amount in future years.
  • New lesson plans must be submitted via online reporting forms or sent to at least two weeks in advance of the first event using the lesson plans.
  • The UA Invoice Form (Excel) should include 1-2 full calendar months of activities and  is due via the online reporting form by the 15th of the following month (in May, you can request an exception to submit invoices weekly). No invoices are accepted past June 15. Invoices must be accompanied by teacher evaluation forms (one per school per day, for at least 75% of schools served) and any updates of volunteers or staff.
  • Acknowledgment: In communications with teachers (such as letters, emails, lesson plans and brochures), include the statement “This program is supported in part by United Arts of Central Florida. Through  Arts and Culture Access Funding, children attend field trips and in‐school programs that connect to their class curriculum. Learn more or view lesson plans at” See your award letter for additional recognition requirements.
  • A handful of funded organizations are selected each year for evaluation.
    • Site visits are conducted by United Arts and the school system to observe programming. A site visit may be required in advance for a new program.
    • United Arts also convenes a teacher panel to evaluate the curriculum and programs of a few organizations each year. Selected organizations will schedule one or more funded programs for the teacher-panelists to observe, and send representatives to a summer meeting to discuss the panel’s findings.

Contact for more information: Rafael Torres, Manager of Grants & Arts Education, 407.790.7844 or

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