Instructions For Teachers

United Arts offers Arts and Culture Access funding for teachers to help provide these valuable programs that are so often on the chopping block. Public school teachers in Lake, Orange, Osceola, or Seminole County schools can apply directly through the process below.

Submit your booking request early – before the funded programs and trips run out! Here’s how:

1. Apply for  Arts and Culture Access PROGRAM funding.*

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Search the directory for a field trip or program you would like to bring to your school. Click “Book This Organization” to submit a REQUEST for booking, and the arts group will respond to let you know if Arts and Culture Access funding is still available. If you sign up too late and funding has run out, you can ask to get on the waiting list for next school year, or purchase a program.

For Orange County Public Schools, funding is available now.

For Lake, Osceola, and Seminole public schools, awards are disbursed in a lottery process starting the morning of September 22 (EXTENDED), until funds are depleted; a max of $1000 can be awarded to any one school. Additional funds may become available in the spring semester. Events must be confirmed (with a set date/time) to be funded: by Dec. 1 for programs awarded in the fall, and by May 1 for programs awarded in the spring.



2. Orange County Public Schools only: Apply for Journeys into Arts and Culture TRANSPORTATION grants.

 *** IMPORTANT! Transportation funding has run out; consider finding funds in your school budget or charging the students a small amount for busing. ***


If the program is a field trip, enter the estimated cost at You will receive an email about the status of your application within three weeks after applying, and should confirm with the transportation department at least 10 days in advance of the program. If you sign up too late and transportation funding has run out; consider finding funds in your school budget or charging the students a small amount for busing. The funds run out fast – typically September – get your requests in early!

3. Confirm!

Contact both the arts organization and the transportation department to finalize your trip plans.

4. Tell us what you think.

After the program is complete, you will receive a survey. Please fill this out immediately so that the arts organization can get paid.

Arts and cultural organizations interested in becoming eligible for Arts and Culture Access Funding can learn more on the guidelines page.


* Funded programs must happen during the school day. No charter schools, private schools, or preK classes are eligible. Assemblies that serve preK must include other grades to be funded.

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